Sammlung A | Teil 7

Model: Default ad., Oilpainting

a breathtakingly beautiful (((female model))) with one visible shoulder, wearing a sleek hat and a ((blurry, blue-eyed backdrop)), accessorized with delicate jewelry and (((barely noticeable)) earrings), all against a softly diffused (+SSXL Professional Photo realistic Diffusion: 1.2+) backdrop that exudes high definition and excellent quality. The advanced prompt communicates the advanced level of realism and excellence required for this advanced prompt

Model: Default ad., Makeup

A vivid and intricate (((angelic face))) as a (((mature beautiful woman))), captured in a (((full-body portrait))), set against a sunny day backdrop where a (((young, creamy-white laced and frilly dress girl with long, flowing locks and blonde flippy hair styled into a playful messy bun))), with (((pale skin))), striking greenish-gray irises, and rosy lips, accessorized with (((square-framed glasses))), all contrasting against a (((serene lake))) and an adorable, yellow, fluffy duckling she’s affectionately embracing, details so realistic and advanced they will leave any viewer in awe

Model: Default, Default

realistic, extreme highly detailed, HD portrait, ((upper body)), ((gorgeous)) ((attractive)) ((stunning)) ((young)) detailed face, perfect curved body, a cute teen girl, long blonde straight hair, (((low-cut) fitness crop top)), looks at the camera, portrait shot, smile very happy

Model: Default, Realistic

((babe)), ((gorgeous)), ((stunning)), ((slender)), ((fit body)), ((very pretty teen girl)), straight hair, perfect realistic body, (((low-cut) fitness crop top)), ((legging pants)), sunset in the background, smile very happy

Model: Default, Realistic

a (((young witch))) with red hair and captivating potion-making, set against a backdrop of a (((witch house))), its shapes and lines abstracted and softly illuminated in a (((gentle, inviting light))), as if emanating from a (close-up) shot, with highly detailed details that bring the scene to life

Model: Default, Realistic

babe best quality, masterpiece, girl, ultra high resolution, photo realistic, detailed skin, (black short steampunk aviator leather jacket), lounging

Model: Default, Realistic

Visualize an incredible scene where a beautifully dressed girl, surrounded by the warm glow of a coffee shop, enjoys (a cup) of coffee with utmost elegance. 4k resolution, best quality