Sammlung F | Teil 4

Model: RealVisXL 3.0

1961 female teen fashion, headshot, unsplash

Model: RealVisXL 3.0

girl, 18 years old, portrait shot, smile, straight hair

super realistic, 4k, detailed face, perfect curved body, cute Korea teen girl, long blonde straight hair, Korean styled bangs, wear only a white short tight tank top, looks at the camera, portrait shot

super realistic, perfect curved body, detailed face, cute Thailand teen girl, wear super short tight tank top, round short mini skirt, perfect pose, perfect detailed eyes, long straight hair, full body shot

((babe)), ((gorgeous)), ((stunning)), ((slender)), ((fit body)), ((very pretty teen girl)), straight hair, perfect realistic body, (((low-cut) fitness crop top)), ((legging pants)), sunset in the background, smile very happy

Model: RealVisXL V3.0

(((cute))) (((gorgeous)) ((stunning)) ((very pretty young girl)) ((upper body)), straight hair, perfect realistic body, low cut white bikini, super short mini skirt, sunset in the background