Sammlung F | Teil 1

((full body view)) of (((cute))) (((elegant))) ((attractive)) (((long, messy, straight hair))) ((stunning)) a beautifully realistic, cinematic lights, teen girl, bangs haircut, detailed (color) hair, realistic detailed angelic face, ((realistic detailed brown eye)) looks sadly at the camera, portrait shot, perfect curved, wears a super short tight (grey tank top), super short jeans pants, perfect anatomy, white background, side perspective, ((no background))

a (((hyper-realistic 8K dynamic photo))) showcasing a (((beautiful babe girl))), with meticulously drawn long, flowing (((wet hair))), intricate bangs cut, striking (realistic) eyes, and a sleekly detailed figure in a (((short, black latex bikini))), paired with a (short, round, mini skirt) also crafted from (black latex), all against a backdrop of (dynamic, cinematic lighting) that brings out every exquisite detail, creating an unforgettable image of (ultra-hyper realism). The perfect blend of modern glamour and futuristic chic.

young babe, dark hair, smile, in emo style