Sammlung F | Teil 5

erstellt mit Midjourney

super realistic, 4k, detailed face, cute Asian teen girl, long blonde straight hair, Korean styled bangs, looks at the camera, portrait shot, smile very happy, a cherry blossom in the background –ar 3:4

((portrait)) of (((cute))) (((elegant))) ((attractive)) (((long, straight hazelnut hair))) ((stunning)) upper body, a beautifully realistic, cinematic lights, cute teen girl, realistic detailed angelic round face, ((realistic detailed hazelnut eye)) looks sadly at the camera, portrait shot, side perspective, white background –ar 3:4 –v 6

a very cute girl, white hair, stand alone in the rain, straight messy wet hair, wet skin, looks sadly at the camera, detailed hair, angelic face, full body, in the street –ar 3:4

super realistic, detailed face, cute natural emo teen girl, perfect pose, perfect detailed eyes, detailed hazelnut hair, full body shot, classic dressed, ((empty background)) –ar 3:4