Sammlung D | Teil 7

Model: default, transparent

((cute)) ((gorgeous)) ((attractive)) ((stunning)) ((young)) a beautifully realistic, cinematic lights, ((black teen girl)), 15 years old, ((long black flowing hair)), realistic detailed angelic round face, ((realistic detailed eye)) looks very happy at the camera, portrait shot, perfect curved body, ((super short form fitting low cut (tank top))), perfect anatomy, ((empty, white background)) (distinctly dark complexion) (black skin)

Model: default, realistic

(((cute))) (((gorgeous)) ((stunning)) featuring a (((girl with black eyes))), long, flowing hair, and a (distinctly dark complexion) (dark skin)

Model: default, default

((portrait)) ((detailed photo)) tomboy tanned, long brunette, freckles, camisole leggings cute little dress, elaborate, in an ancient city

Model: default ad., Ink

((portrait)), detailed pencil drawing, silvery-skinned (((young girl))), long straight platinum hair, (((black thin and short dress)))

Model: cute animals, Oilpainting

a breathtakingly (((realistic portrait))), (((dark fantasy concept))) featuring a beautifully drawn close-up of a gothic dark vampire girl with exquisite facial features and striking black eyes, long straight hair, dressed in a (((Satin and Muslin dress))). stand for a Gothic castle

Model: default ad., realistic

((full body)) ((cute)) (((gorgeous)) ((stunning)) a (((beautiful babe))), with flowing, (((dark curls))), (((full lips))), (((round angelic face))), dressed in a (((pink short sport top))), (((short pink mini skirt))), posing in an cherry blossom

Model: default ad., default

a (((beautiful young girl with jet-black hair and side bangs))), her facial features highlighted by (((shades of brown))), softly contrasting against her delicate complexion, her eyes framed by long, defined lashes and a playful smile, dressed in a (((dress with intricate, ornate patterns))), its hue a rich and vivid shade that complements her skin tone, with a girl’s face popping up behind her, its features drawn in (((realistic beauty))), and around them, (((lush, vibrant flowers))) have bloomed, their petals shining like jewels amidst a backdrop of (deep, luxurious tones)

Model: cute animals, default

((full body)) ((cute)) (((gorgeous)) ((stunning)) a young babe with pink strait hair, bangs cut, dressed with (super short (black crop top)) and ((short black pants)), posing in a futuristic data center