Sammlung J | Teil 8

Model: cute animals, default

((side view portrait)) a cute young woman, platinum white straight hair, night, looks at viewer and dim light falls on her face, dark background. cinematic light, perfect shadow

Model: cute animals, realistic

((detailed, realistic full body portrait)) a cute Exotic teen girl with flowing, straight blonde hair, Korean styled bangs, dressed in a ((black sport top)), ((mini skirt)), alone in the moonlight, in side of the viewer, perfect curved body, perfect anatomy, warm smile

Model: hyper-realism, realistic

((realistic and detailed portrait)) a thin dressed teen girl in hot pants, black background, faint moonlight illuminates the picture. There is a peaceful, pleasant atmosphere.

Model: hyper-realism, realistic

((realistic and detailed portrait)) a teen girl in hot pants in a penthouse in a skyscraper

Model: hyper-realism, realistic

an (((interpretation of winter))) that draws inspiration from the fantastical art of renowned artists, the scene features (((gradient chrome colors))), evoking a stunningly realistic 3D effect. a cute girl with brown hair, bangs cut, stand in front of the viewer, warm smile.

Model: default, ink

visualize a (((beautiful teen girl with long, wavy brown hair))), dressed in a flowy, red dress adorned with iridescent details that elegantly swirl as she twirls, accessorized with a striking (((big hat))) featuring flowers, pearls, and feathers, set against a backdrop of (vintage-inspired paper) with blush, white, and gold tones, sprinkled with mauve roses, butterflies, and delicate rosebuds, elaborate details and intricate patterns along the edges of the page

Model: hyper-realism, makeup

imagine a serene setting where a woman sits comfortably, leaning forward with a book open in her hands, creating a delicate (((downblouse view))). Her posture exudes grace and poise, as if lost in thought, amidst a softly diffused glow that accentuates the curve of her figure. The overall atmosphere is one of understated elegance, inviting viewer to appreciate the simple pleasures of life

Model: hyper-realism, default

young, pretty Korean girl with long black hair and a short tank top stands on a mountain. A futuristic city can be seen in the background. It is night and the moonlight illuminates the picture a little.