Sammlung O | Teil 2

Model: insta realistic, realistic

a (((realistic teen girl))), with silky, (((pale grey hair))), wearing a (((simple brown T-shirt))), facing the camera with a half-open mouth and understatedly angelic features, including (((full lips))) and a (((curvaceous figure))) that adds a touch of youthful vulnerability against a (dark, (backdrop))

Model: insta realistic, realistic

a realistic teen girl with pale grey hair, wears a brown t-shirt, dark black background, looks sleepily into the camera and has his mouth slightly open. She has full lips. Perfect curtved body.

Model: insta realistic, realistic

a (((young, beautiful girl))), with luxuriously shiny (((black hair))), dressed in a sleek, ((short and tight crop top)) that showcases her flawless figure and contours, exuding confidence and a playful grin towards the camera, against a (distinctly empty) backdrop

Model: insta realistic, realistic

a young, beautiful teen girl with shiny black hair wears a short and tight latex suit that perfectly emphasizes her body. She wears a small gold chain around her neck. She’s in an apartment high up. She has a perfect curved body and smile at the camera.

Model: insta realistic, realistic

A (((teen girl))) dressed in a sleek ((white tank top)) and a delicate ((small chain around her neck)), along with ((black tights)), posing confidently for the camera, exuding (((stunning beauty))) and (((flawless detail))), with a (((perfectly curved body))).

Model: hyper-realism, realistic

a teen girl in white tank top and small chain around her neck and black tights posing for the camera ((stunning)) ((gorgeous)) ((detailed)) ((perfect curved body))

Model: realistic details, default (no style)

Imagine a breathtaking scene set during the golden hour, where the warm glow of the setting sun kisses the landscape. In the midst of this serene setting stands a stunning blonde woman, her hair shimmering like spun gold under the soft, amber light. She is dressed in a delicate, flowing gown that catches the light with every movement, highlighting her graceful figure. Her eyes, a captivating shade of blue, reflect the sky’s own hues, radiating kindness and depth. Around her, the natural beauty of a blooming meadow complements her presence, with wildflowers adding splashes of color to the scene. She exudes an aura of elegance and tranquility, perfectly in harmony with the enchanting surroundings. This image captures the essence of timeless beauty, blending the allure of a breathtaking woman with the natural splendor of the golden hour.

Model: realistic details, realistic

a (((teen girl with bangs))), whose hair extends slightly past her shoulders, featuring a distinctive ((mole)) on her left cheek